Sunday, 23 November 2008

Jesus Is A Cunt!

This whole show is about an hour long and I bet you tear up while watching it and feel angry afterward!

African Witch Children is a disturbing program looking at the superstition and poverty, coupled with Christian teaching in Nigeria/Africa, and the subsequent effect upon the lives of innocent young children. It contains disturbing images.

You wont believe some of the things done to these proclaimed witch children... set on fire, nails hammered in their heads, tortured, abandoned, murdered... in the name of Jesus!

It shows the incredibly dangerous delusions superstition can create that can cause a mother to kill her own child.

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

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Thump Thump Eyes said...

Its the saddest thing I've ever seen, it made me cry and it made me very angry! .

It was horrifying and gut-wrenching to see great fear being used as a method of distorting religious practices into terrible tortures, alienation and abandonment. Unbelievably performed upon children as a wealth gathering exercise. The priests would pick out a child and claim he/she was a demon, then families would have to pay the priests to exorcise the demon and even then usually the child was abandoned. The English guy who made the doco should be given a medal, because he is gathering up these abandoned children and giving them food and shelter, of course there are many who get no help, its the most sickening thing i've ever seen!

Religious dogma, brought to various communities by missionaries and other faith spreaders in the name of god was left to ferment with local primitive ideas of witch craft.
The priests and priestesses in this documentary are using the serious health problems caused as a direct result of living in abject poverty in oil producing Nigerian states, to create an irrational fear and belief that their children (even babies) have the ability to transform into witches for satan and then affect the health of their families. That’s about as unnatural as you can get.

Watch it and weep all you religionists. Doesn’t take a blind man to see that this concept has been used continuously over the centuries for the same purpose! It confirms for me that the serial progression of the distortions of the dogma of religion should be stopped and rationally recognised as a serious threat to the continuation of a sane and healthy human race.

Orion77 said...

Mary's smile was a pleasure to see towards the finish and I thought I'd made it thru the whole thing, angry but stiff upper lip, unshaken. And then the credits rolled and the other little girl watches her mother return to the village without her. I didn't quite make it, to the end, as I thought.

Half rabbit said...

I'm glad that fiery is on dialup. This would really upset her. And rightfully so.

It makes me feel sad and powerless to help too. I knew that this was happening but not to the extent that the documentary showed. It also made it much more real and saddening.

sigh. How can people believe such things. I watched the movie that said caused the upsurge and really. Killing children because you saw a movie? Which said they break your electronics. Which has such awful acting and special effects that even I cringe. Well logically I know. But with many things my mind goes on a loop and I just say.........but.........but.........but.........but

I don't know what to say. Might just go contemplate under my doona even though it will soon be 2am.

Protium the Heathen said...

I heard one of the main "preists" involved in all this has been charged with murder. I'll see if I can find the article.