Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sad Chicken

I've just finished invoicing the days work and look down and see this...

Jake's done very well. This is his xmyth present and it's February.

This is one of the longest serving rubber chickens we've ever seen.


Sunday, 24 February 2008


In my last post I said, "Sorry I'm being a lazy poster but we are so damn busy I hardly get time to scratch... (not that I need to!)"

Business has gotten even busier (listen to my skite) so I've been upping my fees trying to slow them down, give a few of them pause before they bring me another broken piece of electronic equipment that they absolutely must have before Friday even though it's Wednesday arvo and it's been busted for 2 weeks running. It's not working. They're still pouring through the door.

I cope with oceans of beer and Skyping my new online pals. And I take the time to scratch. I need to now. Morons are starting to give me hives and they've all got equipment for me to take a quick look at ASAP.

Had Sean over twice while he was in Perth. Hell of a guy that one.

Jake needs a wee so I'd best go find somebody to take him outside to do his business. I can't be arsed because I burn like a lobster if the sun touches me skin.

On ya for checkin' in on me!