Sunday, 13 July 2008

Perth Atheists with PodBlack Cat

At the Perth Atheists' last meeting we had a great talk by Kylie Sturgess of PodBlack Blog and I thought I'd share it here. Kylie is a remarkable person and is in the forefront of teaching the next generation in Western Australia.
Thanks heaps Sturgo

I'm going to record our talks whenever possible so hopefully there will be more to come.

So please enjoy Perth Atheists first presention...

Belief in Weird Things! (35MB 40mins MP3)
Recent Developments and Educational Directions. July 2008

A look at research into belief of the paranormal and pseudoscientific and how teachers and others can contribute to rational thinking.

Still Around

I thought I'd better explain why I've been so quiet lately.

Our business has been extremely busy and taking most of our time and the little spare time I've had I've concentrated on the Perth Atheists.

Another disconcerting issue is my health. I've had an almost constant headache for the last 2 and a bit months and an amazing condition called ophthalmic migraine which causes the strangest visual effects. My doctor has managed to control my blood pressure the major reason for my headaches and they are slowly becoming a thing of the past and the brain fog is lifting. Yay!

My sedentary lifestyle is obviously an issue as I never exercise. In fact going to work involves walking down stairs and sitting at a bench all day and then walking upstairs again 10 hours later. We just ordered a Crosstrainer workout machine so hopefully I can force myself to spend an hour a day on that. I'm sure Thump will push me onto it... I guess it's time to stop the smoking and drinking as well... bugga

As most of you all know we had Fiery stay here for two weeks which was a lot of fun even though we were working most of the time. It was unfortunate I was in the middle of massive headaches while she was here and it took a while for her to understand why I was so grumpy in the mornings but I think she enjoyed her stay. We certainly enjoyed the time with our adopted sister and miss her deeply. Jake still likes to lie on her bed and Thump's son calls it Fiery's bedroom :)

All in all things are brightening up. Thanks for stopping by and I'll attempt to get back into posting, even if it's just the odd pisstake I find.