Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sexual Consent

Found this over at BS Alert and found it rather amusing and worth sharing...

3 gems of wisdom:

Fiery said...

That was hilarious and worth the 40 minute download.

I loved the bit about "if your client wants to get from second base to homeplate he's going to have to cross 3rd base" and if he wants article 16 he's got to consent to article 17. WOOHOO!!!

Awesome Protes, good one!

Fiery said...

I had to agree with all the "is not interested in" as well.

I love the idea of rationally talking about sex and the exchange of oversized shirts for panties.

I'd love to know what position 13 and article 20 might have been.

Protium said...

he he... I thought you'd like that one.

Well scripted me thinks.

I can't imagine what position 13 and article 20 is... must be fun though :)