Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Japanese Tradition

"Her in doors" said I don't laugh that much so if I find something funny I should post it.

Well we all know I love a good pisstake and this is one of the best.
Enjoy a lesson on how to eat Sushi... you may need a pencil and paper to take notes on measurements and angles :)

At least you now know why most Japanese peoples feet smell of vinegar ;-)

7 gems of wisdom:

Disgustipated said...

ehhh this reminds me why I will never eat sushi.

evolveintobirds said...

that really had me going for awhile! i tried taking japanese last semester and they really are that anal...er...i mean formal. it took the sushi chef wiping his face and knife with the rag he used on the board to finally assure me that it was a gag. :)

Protium said...

Disgustipated: Thanks for popping by. I've never been fond of Japanese food as I find it too salty, so I cracked up at the end when they were going for the bowl of salt outside :)

EiB: It is very subtly done and the pompousness of the formalites are played out well.

Fiery said...

It took ...(stop fucking whinging about your connection!!!!)

I only got through the disinfecting the footware about 3 minutes in and it still had all the feeling of a genuine "how to" for sushi. *sheesh*

Is there a way to determine how many minutes something is before downloading it?

Protium said...

Fiery: It is 8 minutes long. I will add the length of videos when I post just for you :)

Fiery said...

Thanks Protium! 'preciate it! :D

T&A said...

I forwarded this to my buddy Jim, (the fellow Kiwi) he spent some time in Japan, I'll be curious to know what he thinks of this.

Personally, I like sushi, but it's a craving thing. Must be the soy sauce and wasabi!