Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Great Rubber Chicken Shortage

Our dog Jake loves rubber chickens...

He goes through one in around 3 weeks. Usually the arse goes first 'cause that's where the squeaker is, then the legs and finally the head until he's "loving" a small piece of yellow rubber.

Recently they have been hard to get and his piece of yellow rubber got very small. He was very happy when they were back in stock as you can see.

There's even a new one wrapped up under the tree for him.

4 gems of wisdom:

Poodles said...

What a cutie! My dog kills every toy too, I never thought about getting him a rubber chicken though. My poodle has a thing for little red raquet balls.

Protium said...

Balls.. we have that many balls around the house that it's hard to walk anywhere without rolling your ankle :)
Dogs are cool... He's our little boy!

T&A said...

Funny stuff! I'm gonna have to post a video of my dogs now!

Fiery said...

loved the rubber chicken show. it was hilarious!!!!!

There was a rumor awhile back that k-mart was going to only stock a certain amount in Western Australia- causing the prices to rise dramatically.