Friday, 19 October 2007


Direct from the Malaysian department of stupidity is this story.

A YOUNG Malaysian couple caught making out in their car have caused a five car pile-up when they tried to speed off.
According to a report in The Star newspaper, the couple had been locked in an amorous embrace in a car park in the town of Muar when spotted by a police patrol car.
Realising they had been caught, the couple sped out of the car park and onto a main road, colliding with a passing car and causing three other vehicles to crash.
The couple, both Muslims aged in their 20s, have been detained and the man has been booked for reckless driving.
Muar traffic police officer Lim Aik Sin told the newspaper that the couple has been referred to the district Islamic religious department.
Unmarried Muslim couples who are found alone together can be charged with "khalwat" or "close proximity", which carries a jail sentence of up to two months.
Malay Muslims comprise about 60 percent of Malaysia's 27 million people, and are subject to Islamic morality laws.

I can't imagine living in a place that has religious police. I would be locked up for life I think.
How can these 16.2 million people be so deluded and let this shit happen in the 21st century WTF?

All for having a cuddle in a car (who hasn't done that?)

Lucky they weren't enjoying a nice glass of red at the same time.

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Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

What a load of shit!
I think you and I would end up to be cell mates if we were born in that country!

Fiery said...

I've had nightmares of ending up in medieval Europe and being imprisoned by the catholic church for heresy because I couldn't keep my yap shut.

In spite of their "loving god", or rather BECAUSE of their loving god, to be jailed for religious reasons would be a horrendous experience!!!! I wonder if the woman will be stoned for her indiscretion? I think there are some countries where she could be, especially if her her family's "honor" was sullied.

Agree with T&A what a load of shit.

Joe said...

Its better that he wasn't getting a hand job or something would be getting cut off.
I'll never understand the stupidity of religion.

Protium said...

A Loving Islam...

I remember seeing that recent video of a Yezidi teenage girl being stoned. Serious shock value!

A loving god, right :(

Thanks for the comments guys.

Johnny said...

The act in that video is totally evil. Not strictly islam though it has its roots in both islam and christianity, doesn't really matter though does it they are all fucked!
Good blog Protium keep it up dude.

Poodles said...

My um, date, and I once had some stranger knock on our car window in the parking lot of our college and ask if we had any pot...

Yea, I would be in jail too.

Protium said...

Howdy Johny Pleased to see you pop by.
You're right about the Yezidis. Did you know they believe God created the world, which is now in the care of (amonst others) a Peacock Angel.

Bwa ha ha ha ha

I just got Rage Against the Machine's "Killing In The Name Of" stuck in my head.

I guess most of use would be locked up in these countries.


tina said...

Wonder what happens if they are gay? Scary!