Saturday, 20 October 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali @ AAI 2007

I am fascinated by this woman. Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks of her upbringing and deconversion from Islam at the recent Atheist Alliance International Convention 2007.

Thanks to Rational Response

Part 2: Q&A

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Tattooed & Atheist (T&A) said...

I didn't get a chance to watch the vids,(I'll pop round later) but I see you decided to stay with Blogger comments, instead of Haloscan. I was pissed when I couldn't see all the old comments, but I like the flexibility of Haloscan.

BigHeathenMike said...

Hey man,
Hirsi Ali is cool - her book, Infidel, is very good as well and it's a great window into Islam.

Thanks for popping by my site as well!

Hound Doggy said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog. I usually lurk but I thought it polite that I at least tell you that I lurk. ;)

I actually LOL at work about the bleat a few posts back. People looked at me funny. Thanks for giving these people something to worry about...:-)

Fiery said...

The bleat two posts back is PRICELESS right up there with story of the $5 bet on Poodles blog.

Protium said...

T&A I had a look at all the features and setup and thought Wow. Then when I found it can't read Bloggers comments file I couldn't stand losing what I got :)

Mike welcome. I enjoy reading your blog and am hooked

Hound Doggy thanks for saying hi. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Fiery I'm off to read about the $5 bet. Thanks Sis

Poodles said...

The bet was fun. Now I have to get him to lift the full hot tub so I can get the hand rail out from infront of the drain plug. This should be fun.

Protium said...

I can't find the $5 bet post Poodles... I'm a dork

Poodles said...

Here is the link Protium. It wasn't titled "The Bet" and I forgot that.

And here is the follow up for fiery with the "hulk" photo.