Sunday, 20 April 2008

No Cream, No Nivea, No Vaseline, No nothing!... WTF?

What a pile of Islamotard toss! I reckon he's getting the HORN thinking about it. I wonder how many women got raped after this pathetic tirade. Sick fucks!

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Fiery said...

? were the subtitles a genuine translation or a piss take?

What's fucking sad is that it really could go either direction. I hope that it is a piss take. I'm afraid that it is serious.

Islamotards is right. Twisted fucks.

Protium said...

I first thought it was a pisstake but I'm afraid to say it is a real translation made by MEMRI

Sad huh?

Stupid deluded cunts!

Fiery said...

OMG That is worse.

I was all prepared to be embarrassed for falling for it.

But it's real?

That's what that fucker actually said?

A big fuck you to any muslim who creams himself over THAT little video.

Bender said...

Its a shame we can't nuke these bastards off the face of the earth.....If these sick fucks would consider stopping the slaughter of their women then maybee the odds would be better than one woman to two men. This would mean that cocksuckers like this would be able to stop dreaming about women and start interacting with them, after all look at what happened in the catholic church when men were denied the company of the opposite sex...But better still lets imagine for a moment that the "women" these dickheads are seeking by killing themselves along with innocent lives, turn out to be the most hideous creatures known to man and they are subjected to acts that not even the sickest minds on earth could bare to think about.

Canterbury Atheists said...

1.)What the hell is a ‘musk’ cushion? Can I get one online at Peaches & Cream?
2.)What Hair! What Chest! What Thighs! What Legs! But what’s in it for the arse men fella?
3.)So much softness. Oxymoronic given the subject matter.
4.)Wine is Allah’s heavenly reward for tea-tottlers. Another plus for drinking beer in my books.
5.)This dude is wearing a pink shawl. Pays to advertise I suppose.
6.)Just ten black eyed virgins? Look I’m not converting till there’s at least two dozen and they’re of Scandinavian extraction.
7.)I doubt it was the face he last applied any Nivea or Vaseline.
Want to exchange links?

Protium said...

Fiery: Scary isn't it?

Bender: Good to see you here. I think nuking them all is a bit rough but I understand your frustration. I'm sure there's good and bad in every culture/religion but these deluded Islamotards are causing so much damage.

Canterbury Atheists: Wow! a fellow Kiwi... and from my hometown. Great to see you here. You can get a musk cushion by rubbibg it all over sheep or goats genitals and why does the number of virgins keep changing...
I'll stick you on my blogroll...

Poodles said...

EEEWWW, just EEWWW!!!!

Sick freaks.

Traceytreasure said...

Sorry this is off topic but I answered you the best that I can. Let me know if YOU want me to delete your comment. Because I can't keep others from copying it. So, let me know. I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I've overcome a lot of obsticles and I'm proud of where I am. I hope that you are too! Hugs!

msms said...

I would say that things are not rectified by getting enraged or using cursing words, but this video is making sense I believe within the context. I would say that I go and blog burning a man in the bushes just to bring a good harvest and get a thousands people's opinion on it wouldn't affect that north americans religious believe on doing such an act but negotiation and respect is the best way to resolve conflicting situations isn't it. If as one of my friend here says that why we let these on earth this raises the smells of barbeque made from human flesh using guns and fireblowers and revenge then comes to play and killings come to action why not just solve things peacefully ha ' no sacrices no finger pointings no regrets'