Friday, 9 November 2007


I don't know if it's because I am a Kiwi or if I'm just an old sentimental fool, but I love this animation. The point where our friend realises he can't really fly brings a tear to his eye... and mine.

It's had over 12,000,000 views so I bet everyone but me has seen it before but I love it and it's worth watching again if you've seen it.

6 gems of wisdom:

T&A said...

Poor little fella!
Thanks for sharing it, I'll pass it along to my friend Jim.
He might like it too, although he's not a mainlander such as yourself. ;)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

I thought it was very touching and well done, poor cute widdle kiwi, thanks for that....:-/

Protium said...

T&A. Did you bring the north/south thing up with Pakeha Jim? I imagine he'll roll his eyes.

TTEyes. The little tear gets me everytime.

Summer Squirrel, FCD said...

That was cute but sad in the end. I teared up too!

Protium said...

Summer Squirrel: Thanks for popping over. I just read you blog and I'm hooked.

T&A said...

I told him about your comment. He laughed and told me about how south islanders call themselves mainlanders. He's a good bloke with a sense of humor, and he's one of us (atheist) as well.